After the death of our son I would share his final days with friends. Several times I heard the same question, " Have you ever considered writing a book?"  And every time without fail I would answer with a firm “NO!”  Not only had I not thought about it, but I also had no desire to do so.  Then one day as I stood at the kitchen sink and looked into our backyard I simply said, " Father, is there a book?"  Instantly words came to my mind, and I grabbed pencil and paper and started writing the words as the Lord spoke them to my heart.  I had my answer. “Yes, there is a book. Yes, you will write the book as I give you the words.” There before me was the introduction to Shane : Given Of God.

  I love working all kinds of puzzles.  And the best one I have ever worked was right before my eyes!  Suddenly I realized that after several days of jotting down words, phrases, even paragraphs that a book was unfolding before me. I started matching paragraphs to phrases and realized God had been giving me the titles to the chapters of the book. With each chapter also I was given a subtitle. Many were in the form of a quote of someone’s words, a bible scripture, or a memory. So really I was not the author of the book. I was the secretary who took down the dictation. And trust me sometimes I wished I had known shorthand! 

  I will never forget the last chapter I wrote and how it came about. I was in Missouri and it was early morning. I was on my way to the hospital to be with my sister before her surgery. All of a sudden the words started coming. I reminded the Lord I was driving and that made writing a little difficult.  When I arrived at the hospital I ran into my sister's room hollering, " Do you have pencil and paper?  The Lord is giving me a chapter of my book." As it turned out this was not the final chapter but actually in the middle of the book.

  And that my friend is how my book was born. The only labor was listening to the dictation and writing down the words.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The only pain in the birth was because of the memories. But, it ended up being a healing process for me and I thank my Father for that.

  My next entry will be the forward of the book and how it came from one of Shane's friends in the form of a poem. 

  Until then, may our Father keep you in His Shalom!!!!


Lanna Foley Webb

Mom's Corner